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Five Reasons Why You Take Advantage Of This Offer

Thank You all for participating in the Refined Conference. We pray that the conference inspired you to desire for intimacy with God, whether you're single or married, God desires you!

As an exclusive offer, we designed a mega course to provide spiritual support to you as you pursue Christ. Because you participated in the Refined Conference, we are offering you exclusive access to two courses: "Whole" and "You Are My Beloved". We carefully created both of these courses to equip you individually, refine you spiritually, and provide a safe space for you.

Take advantage of this offer! You won't regret it!

-Wendy & Dee

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  • You desire something that you’ve never had before. Therefore, you must to do something you’ve never done before. 

  • You hunger to acquire the discipline of using your discernment.

  • You've struggled with feeling stagnant or delayed.

  • You have a sense of responsibility for learning and personal development.

  • You desire to refine your ideals surrounding goal setting, purpose, and life. 

What's Included In The
Whole Course ?

Six Video Lectures On Deliverance and Inner Healing

This live video interaction will provide you the opportunity to ask questions and engage in real time. Live Sessions have a tendency to turn into powerful moments of healing and deliverance. Make sure you tune in! Don't worry, you'll have access to the replay.

Curated Lifework

At The Dee Evans Group, we call all instructional material "lifework". It's not graded, but every lesson is applicable to life. All Lifework is customized specifically for this group coaching program. It's overall purpose is to help each participant in their journey of introspection, healing, and application.

Group Discussions

There will be a reoccurring group discussion on this website. Everyone is required to engage and put forth effort in group discussions.

Discounted Individual Sessions and Coaching Plans

If you decide to work with me one on one, you will be offered a special rate for 90 day coaching packages.


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What's Included In The
"You Are Beloved" Course?

Redemptive Gifting holds your key to unlocking them and therefore unlocking you into your destined wholeness in Him. “You are My Beloved” Devotional Study will walk you through the seven Redemptive Gifts, the Kingdom Principles and Birthrights of each one and the inheritance that is available for you and your beloveds right here, right now. 

Your Exclusive Package includes:

  • Seven Immersive Video teachings, one for each Devotional and corresponding Redemptive Gift. 

  • An exclusive partnering Study Guide to accompany your immersive experience. 

Break It Down For Me Please!

Once you purchase this special offer, you'll receive instant access to "You Are My Beloved". That means you can literally start this course right now! Additionally, you will receive "Whole", which is an automated course begins March 21st. Don't worry, you'll have support every step of the way!

This Sounds Amazing! How Much Is This Special Offer?

  • Over 12 hours of automated coaching and teaching (over $3,000 value) 

  • Online community

  • Email Support

  • Exclusive Access to future events

You only have to pay a one time payment of:



Hurry, this offer ends 3.27.22 at 12:00am.

*After you register and complete your payment, click on the online forum below!

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